The emotional language of color

The emotional language of color

 When it come to color and decorating your home, you are happier with color scheme that caries the right emotional impact.

Color, is intensely personal and powerful factor that impact on your natural temperament, positive or negative. As a result, the color that surround you on a daily basis can recharge your energy or deplete your ability to cope with stress.

Each individual is different, knowing the color that effect you in a positive way is a good start.

  • Red: action color
  • Orange: warm, friendly
  • Yellow: happy, joyous, up lighting
  • Green: new growth, rejuvenation
  • Blue: Homey and comfortable
  • Purple: Creative, Surprising
  • Natural: (Black, white, gray, taupe, beige, brown)

Refreshing because they offer a quiet alternative to color. Darker tones are dramatic and graphic, pale tint are expansive and reasonable. Even in small amount.

According to color theory, black turns out to be a complete absents of colors, but white light breaks up into every color of the rainbow when it pours through a prism, regardless of how they come to be, both, black and white standby are immensely useful in today’s color schemes, providing drama, separation, and extremes of contrast with other shades,

Equal amount of white balances the drama of black, or vise versa.

Each holds the other in check, and bright tones provide a continues dynamic, as in lite, in color, balance is virtually import

From Rodeo blinds team to you and your family, stay safe and Healthy, and we thank you for all your support.

Always and forever grateful.