Rodeo Blinds

Large windows in a home or office can provide plenty of natural light and of beautiful views. But all that sunlight can make it hard to sleep, cause furniture and other home products to fade, and lead to other less-than-desirable consequences.

Enter UV and sun-shading window treatments, which can be an owner’s best friend. “UV products provide protection from the harmful effects of the sun’s UV rays, or ultraviolet radiation,” says Kim Newby, marketing lead at Insolroll.”UV is the part of the sun’s spectrum that causes skin and eye damage, as well as fading and degradation of home finishes, artwork and decor.” To prevent this, “solar screen fabrics are woven to precise openness standards to block a specified amount of the total UV radiation while maintaining a great deal of the view and connection with the outside environment.”

Sun-shading products have some other plusses, such as reducing glare for improved eye comfort and use of electronic devices, says market manager of sun control Bill Strickland, senior national products at Phifer. In addition, they have some meaningful act on the benefits for people concerned about their imp environment.