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All About Cedar Shutters

cedar shutters

Cedar shutters have had a comeback in favor of fashionable window coverings during the past ten years. People have welcomed cedar shutters in the white house not only for their basic style but also for their high level of functionality. Installing shutters' exterior is a long-term investment that is worthwhile because it will benefit you so much. There is a considerable probability that you will choose cedar shutters because of the benefits they provide if you are considering adding shutters to the exterior of your home. Why choose cedar window shutters? The most typical type of wood used to make...

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Perfect Treatment for difficult windows.

Perfect Treatment for difficult windows.challenging windows needs creativity and professional to overcome.The possibility is endless with being able to Look outSide The box and great the night and yet challenging process.This photo is for an arch window that client wanted Roman shades.feel free to contact Rodeo blinds teamTo create perfect design for your challenging windows. call Rodeo blinds for free in home consultation.Zora interiors dba Rodeo

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How can i keep my colors up-to-date?

Years pass and fashions change, but some well-dressed rooms never seem to age. They always look attractive, always have interesting accents, and always seem in style. What is the difference between these rooms and those that appear dated? It may be the colors.Take a look at your own house and you'll see that some furnishings are fairly permanent investments, but others are easier to change.Cabinetry, built-ins, carpeting, wallpaper, elaborate window treatments, sofas, and large pieces of furniture (particularly upholstered pieces or fine antiques) fall into the first category. Painted walls, area rugs, curtains, small chairs and tables, artwork, pillows, and...

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Rodeo Blinds

Large windows in a home or office can provide plenty of natural light and of beautiful views. But all that sunlight can make it hard to sleep, cause furniture and other home products to fade, and lead to other less-than-desirable consequences.Enter UV and sun-shading window treatments, which can be an owner's best friend. "UV products provide protection from the harmful effects of the sun's UV rays, or ultraviolet radiation," says Kim Newby, marketing lead at Insolroll."UV is the part of the sun's spectrum that causes skin and eye damage, as well as fading and degradation of home finishes, artwork and...

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