How can i keep my colors up-to-date?

Years pass and fashions change, but some well-dressed rooms never seem to age. They always look attractive, always have interesting accents, and always seem in style. What is the difference between these rooms and those that appear dated? It may be the colors.Take a look at your own house and you’ll see that some furnishings are fairly permanent investments, but others are easier to change.Cabinetry, built-ins, carpeting, wallpaper, elaborate window treatments, sofas, and large pieces of furniture (particularly upholstered pieces or fine antiques) fall into the first category. Painted walls, area rugs, curtains, small chairs and tables, artwork, pillows, and other accessories are not as expensive to change. Let this be a guide to the colors you choose.Consider adhering to a primarily neutral palette for those items you can’t replace easily. Then go as colorful as you like for the other items. If you grow tired of a particular color, then it’s easy to introduce change with accessories.